Designer Package Wedding | GOODWIN MANOR | Photo by  L a y e r s .

Designer Package Wedding | GOODWIN MANOR | Photo by L a y e r s.


Feel confident in the planning process. Spend more time doing fun things with your fiance again instead of talking about wedding planning 24/7.

You want to go back to feeling like the relaxed engaged couple you once were taking ring selfies. The Designer Package is like having a full-planner, but all processes are carried out virtually. This is the perfect happy medium package for the millennial couple. And yes, it can ALL be done via text, email, Skype and phone.

We will meet with you once at your venue. This is toward the middle of the planning process, so we can nail down your floor plan and logistics. At this point, we always try to have your florist booked, so they can meet with us at the same time and we can accomplish the final decisions of design as well.

Virtual planning sounds cool, but how do you keep it all straight?

Our processes are well-defined and not only will we keep everything organized, but you have full access to all wedding planning databases and tools.

You will receive our wedding planning tools which include:

  • Budget Organizer

  • Guest List Tracker

  • Assigned Seating Chart

  • Vendor List Template

  • Comprehensive Timeline

  • Virtual Wedding Planning Folder

What else comes in this package?

Please review the Darling Package details as you will receive everything in that package, too!