I remember what it was like when I first started my wedding planning business.  I was lost.  Like most planners, I completed a wedding planner course that left me feeling unsatisfied.  I had spent nearly $2k on a course that no more prepared me than if I had just bought a book and read it for $14.99.  

Subsequently, I ended up taking on a ton of "work for free" events and weddings that honestly were not getting me very far because I didn't know what a good opportunity looked like or even how to go about finding those opportunities. 

It wasn't until I got real hands-on experience and started a dialogue with industry colleagues before I realized that the only way to learn in this field is by "doing."  You are going to make so many mistakes in the beginning (some that you won't even realize until later down the road).  I wish I had been able to have a mentor to guide me through this wonderful, crazy world of weddings!

That is why I have started a mentor program for aspiring wedding planners.  If you are really ready to dive into some serious training, you have come to the right place.

The advice I have to give is two-fold.  I have been event planning since 2011 and wedding planning since 2013, but my main gig for part of those years and before I started in this business was marketing and public relations.  I can show you not only how I have simplified the wedding planning process (mainly out of necessity since I had marketing clients that needed my attention a LOT in the beginning), but how you can promote your business and become noticed by couples in your market.  

I only offer two spots per year for the mentor program, so please fill out the form in its entirety for best results.

If this sounds like what you have been looking for, complete the form below and let's set up a phone consultation!  I can't wait to hear your dreams and goals!

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*Disclaimer - At this time, we are only offering this program in the Arkansas market.  If you are willing to travel to Arkansas, we will work with you.