Display Advertising

We have a very limited amount of space on our website for display advertising.  Every inquiry will be considered and notified within three (3) business days if approved.  You can email meredith@meredithcorning.com with any inquiries.

Sponsored Posts

Brands can sponsor blog posts, emails or social media posts.  Our team can collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for your goals.  Once the strategy is defined we will:

  • Write the content.
  • Create images.
  • Publish the post.
  • Promote the post with a minimum of four (4) social media posts.
  • Report engagement and reach metrics 2-4 weeks after post has been published.

To maintain the trust of our readers:

  • We must first approve the product or service.
  • Do not guarantee positive product reviews but will discuss any negative feedback prior to posting.
  • Do not allow review of a post prior to publishing.