Darling Package Wedding | Cold Spring Events | Photo by  The Mcelmurrys Photography

Darling Package Wedding | Cold Spring Events | Photo by The Mcelmurrys Photography


Sleep well again. Go back to being a fun, care-free couple instead of a frazzled mess that feels like every discussion now revolves around wedding planning.

Will vendors show up on time? Who will cue cake cutting? How will my wedding party know when to walk down the aisle or where to stand? How will guests know where to go for cocktail hour? Who will set up my tablecloths and all the items I have bought from Hobby Lobby?

Ohhhhh, chill darling! These are all things that can be erased from your worries with the Meredith Events’ Darling Package and much more. We are on site the morning of your wedding and are making sure all your planning is being executed and on time throughout the day and evening. We will also be at your rehearsal to make sure everyone knows what the game plan is on wedding day.

I found a timeline template online, but I am not sure if it has everything on it that I need.

Fear not! Our timeline template is extremely comprehensive and has been curated over the six years we have been in business.

Many of our clients use this template as a checklist to make sure everything has been done.

I have seen the timeline templates available online and I have also seen other wedding planners’ templates and I can say with full certainty that you will not find any document out there as detailed as ours. Venues and other wedding vendors tell us all the time how thorough our timeline is and they have never seen anything like it.

You don’t have an informed adviser. You try to get answers from your venue, but they are hard to get a response from. Your best friend got married last year and you thought you could count on her for some advice, but feel she’s falling short of giving you the answers you need and you don’t want to be a bug-a-boo.

Meredith Events is happy to answer some of your questions along the way. You will have Meredith’s personal cell phone number and can call or text anytime. Maybe you have a question about which floral design is better. Maybe you need a referral for a great cake baker that won’t break the bank. Maybe you received a quote and are wondering if the pricing is standard. You will have the benefit of being able to occasionally reach out when you need to get some professional answers.

I am not sure I can budget this in.

Meredith Events’ pricing is extremely competitive, especially for our Darling Package. We truly believe every couple needs at least this package for their wedding, so we have tried to make this particular package affordable. Based on our experience, we really should be charging more and are advised to raise our prices all the time by other “industry folks,” but I have the Darling Package processes so streamlined that I feel it is fair.

And TBH, you really can’t afford not to have a wedding coordinator.