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I’m Meredith

I live my dream by planning beautiful weddings for my lovely clients.

I am so happy you landed on my website! You should know that this whole “wedding planning thing” is no side gig for me. This is my full-time obsession…I mean JOB - blame it on my fashion and design background, but I love all things pretty and hustle.

Simply put, I do all the hustle, so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding planning experience.

So pour yourself a mimosa (or Jack and coke - whatevs) and let me get to work - yeah!

Want to plan your own wedding? Go you! We have a month-of package just right for you.

Let’s do this!




Moving Image by L A Y E R S.


Meredith Events has built a distinctive brand and a reputation for creating conceptualized editorials and curated bespoke events. With a background in fashion editorial and styling, Meredith Events approaches every project through that of a lens of an artist and writer, visualizing a narrative which speaks both to the Renaissance age and modern southern hospitality. The work continues to break convention and focus on the story, the emotions and the style of their clients.


Moving Image by  L A Y E R S .

Moving Image by L A Y E R S.


From Phantom of the Opera thematic weddings to bohemian garden parties, Meredith Events curates the most elegant bespoke events. With the focus being on the client - their likes, their dislikes and raw emotions, a wedding is viewed as an experience to be treasured for the ages by all partaking in the clients’ adventure. We do not follow the beaten path, but rather create our own. This approach has led us to the most valuable creative team in the wedding industry.


Moving Image by  L A Y E R S .

Moving Image by L A Y E R S.


Planners become attracted to the wedding planning world for its unpredictability and our knack for managing the chaotic nature of events. This is Meredith Events’ forte - organizing, managing and directing whilst remaining stress-free. This relaxed nature translates into the client experience and puts our clients at ease. Meredith Events is a master of compositing works both on small or large scales. Our processes cannot be found anywhere and have taken years to curate.


You are Planning a Wedding

Your Journey Starts Today

You began this wedding planning ride with stars in your eyes and zeal in your heart. But you are busy people and it now feels like an overwhelming task that has lost much of its luster. Don’t feel defeated because many engaged couples feel this way. You are a planning genius. You are a self-professed “Type-A” personality. You planned all your friends’ baby showers and company holiday parties. You love spreadsheets and have your life more organized than any of your peers you know.

There is just one element missing from this equation.

You are not a professional wedding planner. As someone who has chosen wedding planning as a career, this means that I live, eat, and breath weddings all day, every day and have for a number of years. The resources, expertise and contacts needed to fully execute a well laid out event cannot be accomplished within a short time frame without some professional guidance. This knowledge take years to learn and NO, you cannot find everything you need online and why should you?

The amount of time, money and energy you will save by enlisting an expert is invaluable. We have been through trial and error. We know all the little snafus that creep up on you and you never saw coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to sleeping like a baby because you will have the confidence that your wedding management is under control?

A wedding planner or wedding coordinator will not take the fun of planning away from you.

We LOVE to collaborate with our couples and understand that this is your day. Our planning clients often become our new best friends! After all, we are communicating all the time: Texting when we see something that would be just perfect for that centerpiece you have been looking for, tagging one another on Instagram images and spending an evening just catching up on a phone chat to make sure we are feeling excited and things are getting done. You will feel completely immersed in the experience whilst feeling relaxed and stress-free.


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