How to Get Published in the Wedding Market

How to Get Weddings Published

My background and life before wedding planning was in the fashion and publishing industries with a heavy focus on marketing and public relations. This has probably given me an advantage in the wedding market by way of having the ability and knowledge to promote my business with very little advertising dollars spent.

One of my favorite tools in boosting my website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to get my weddings published on wedding blogs. My fellow industry peeps sometimes ask for my advice and method on how I do this, so I decided to write an e-book where I give away all my tips and tricks (you’re welcome😄)!

SEO is one of the greatest tools in building a business. We all only have so much time and energy in a day, so my advice for budding entrepreneurs is to hone in on one solid marketing strategy instead of spreading yourself too thin. I do not do near the amount of networking anymore that I used to do. Back when I first started my business, you could find me at every networking event in my area or grabbing coffee or lunch with someone all the time. I decided to step back from that approach because I felt like it wasn’t really serving me anymore and to focus on digital. To each his own, but I can say that the investment in your website which is your prime piece of real estate that you own on the internet, is the best investment you can make long-term. This has freed up SO much time for me to pump into what truly matters - serving my clients.

Besides SEO, publishing your weddings can have other advantages including the following:

  • To gain credibility in the wedding industry.

  • To highlight your work on multiple platforms.

  • To build relationships with media outlets.

  • To showcase wedding inspiration for other couples planning a wedding.

  • To promote your other vendor team members as they get credited/linked as well.

  • To allow your couple to have an additional memento - most of my couples love to see their weddings published.

  • To advertise yourself and while this isn’t a huge source of lead generation for me personally, it has led to a few bookings.

  • To create additional content to post on your social media.

This e-book contains the following:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get published in the wedding market.

  • An explanation of the benefits of being published in the wedding market.

  • How to create your own editorial PR list.

  • How to gain permissions from photographers and subjects.

  • A diagrammed sample pitch email.

  • A list of hashtags to get you noticed on Instagram.

  • A “Starter Pack” PR list of 19 editors + email addresses.

  • A list of interview questions to ask your previous wedding couples used to create your pitch emails.

If you would like to purchase my e-book, Getting Published in the Wedding Market, head over to our Shop page and grab an instant digital download.