Mentor Program: The Un-Classroom Experience

Wedding Planner Mentor Program

When I started my wedding planning business, I was so lost.  My previous experience had been in fashion show production, which while similar in many ways I knew I had a lot to learn.  I began like most hopeful wedding planners - by completing a wedding planner certification program online.  And it's not like I don't recommend completing one of these programs, but I was left feeling pretty unsatisfied and out about $2k.

For most of us, learning by doing is the best way to gain experience.  The problem is, to gain experience you need an awesome portfolio and to gain a portfolio you need experience.  It's such a catch-22 and I racked my brain trying to find ways to get the hands-on experience I needed to learn, grow and build a profitable business.

I worked for free on nonprofit events, hosted boutique bridal shows and published an independent bridal magazine, took a part-time wedding planner job at a local venue and gave away wedding coordination gift certificates at fundraisers just to get clients.  I was working my tail off!

I wish back then I had someone to mentor me, but other than a handful of planner friends that were totally sweet to me and advised when they could, I really had nobody to show me the ropes.

Fast-forward to now...

I am very lucky to run a profitable wedding planning business that works for me and my family.  I get to do what I love, create my own schedule and spend quality time with my family.  I have the opportunity to meet the most wonderful couples and their families.  I have the honor of being a part of people's most exciting, most special day of their lives.  My circle of people are full of creatives that love taking on independent projects with me like styled shoots or travel ventures.  It is a great life!

For the past couple years, I have started taking on mentees and helping them learn the wedding planning business alongside of me.  It was not a plan.  It just serendipitously happened.  It has been so rewarding to be able to offer up-and-coming wedding planners the type of advice and experience I wish I could have had when I started.


Without further ado, I am rolling out the official Meredith Events Mentor Program: The Un-Classroom Experience.  This is a hands-on, tested method that I will offer to two aspiring wedding planners per year.  Why only two?  Because if someone is actually going to learn from me, I need to be able to focus on a small number of people at a time.  This will be a true mentor program geared toward providing mentees with what they need to successfully enter the wedding planning industry with confidence and grace.


Head over to this link and fill out the form to connect with me and let's talk about your goals!