Gorgeous FREE Printable

Bridesmaid Card Flat Lay5.jpg

I have been wanting to offer my readers and clients a free printable for a while.  It has taken me some time to figure out what brides may be want in a downloadable format.  Well, today I decided to create this lovely "Will you be my bridesmaid" image and it turned out super cute! 

bridesmaid Coffee Cup.jpg

It could be printed on a number of different products from coffee cups to greeting cards or even tote bags.  The file is in a .png format meaning the background is transparent.  It is a large file, so you can rest assured it will print well and not be blurry.

bridesmaid card flat lay6.jpg

Can't you just imagine surprising your bridesmaids with a sweet little card or gift item with this adorable image?  I think she will LOVE it!  Head over to my download page and grab yours here.

Below, I am listing some of my favorite custom printing places you could order products using this image:

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