Vendor Credits

Wedding Coordinator: Meredith Events
Photography: Blair Weddings
Videographer: Chase Visuals
Cake: Tracy Cakes
Deejay: DJ Xavier
Venue: Castle On Stagecoach
Florals: Cabbage Rose


Written by John Blair  | Blair Photography

Tori and Zack got to know one another while in high school, but never really dated. They graduated and went on with life, both going their own way. Zack moved to Oklahoma. Tori stayed in Arkansas. It seemed as if this might be where their story ended. Luckily it didn’t stop there.

Tori was in a previous relationship and has a beautiful little girl named Mia. While Mia is perfect, the relationship with Mia’s father ended, leaving Mia and Tori with just one another. One day, on her knees, Tori asked God to send her the RIGHT man. The next day Tori received a message on Facebook from a past schoolmate, Zack. It was a simple, lovely message telling Tori how much he loved seeing pictures of her and Mia. Casual conversations continued for a short time, and Zack let her know he was coming back to Arkansas for a visit. This was October of 2014, and their casual conversation turned into a relationship.

In February of 2015, Zack proposed to Tori and their love story entered a new chapter. Zack was in love, not only with Tori, but also with Mia. They made plans for an October wedding. Due to some obstacles that were put in their way, the wedding date had to be changed. Nothing was going to stop them.

On September 12, 2015, on a spectacular late summer afternoon-Zack and Tori were married at The Castle on Stagecoach in Little Rock. The ceremony was beautiful, with friends and family in attendance to witness the best chapter in their story.

Some love stories are simple. Some are complicated. Some are perfect. This one is perfect.

Tori’s Advice for future Brides-to-be:  “Pray for the man that God will send you.”