Vendor Credits

Photography:  L A Y E R S |
Creative Director | Meredith Events
Florals | Tanarah Luxe Floral
Dress | Fashion Designer ~ Kata Mari
Makeup and Photo Styling | Danielle Green
Hair | Chelsey Margrave
Model | Blake Bartlett with Sculp Agency
Boat | Handmade by Tony Eliasen
Earrings | Ashley Rose Price

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The Inspiration Behind our Lady of Shalott

Written by Meredith Corning

In times that require a breath of fresh air, we still must not negate the darkness that plagues our existence.  Subtle, somber nuances incorporated into alluring storytelling through pictorial layouts is hauntingly decadent, powerful...strong.  One may be lured in by our photos' aesthetic appeal, but thoughts will linger far further because of its admirable humankind juxtaposition to the modern age. 

In Concise Companion to Literature, by James H. Pickering and Jeffrey D. Hoeper states this, "Many works of literature, classics as well as paperback pulps, survive precisely because they succeed in temporarily detaching us from time and place and transporting us to some imaginary world that we otherwise would never know."

Our stylized portrait session is based on the The Lady of Shalott (1832) by Alfred Lord Tennyson, a.k.a "Lady of the Lake."  The poem depicts a maiden imprisoned by the fear of a curse.  The maiden later goes on to fall in love with the sight of Sir Lancelot out her window, shuns the curse, and races down to the banks of the river, finds a boat, and scribbles her name around the edge of it. She then enters the boat, wearing a flowing white dress, and begins to float downstream toward Camelot, at sunset.  Alas, the curse overtakes her valiant efforts in the end.

What would a modern day Lady of Shalott look like?  What would she wear? Where would she live? Would modern day Camelot be as magical as what has been depicted in the poem?

Captured in the most well-known mountainous terrain of the United States, the Ozark Mountain region created the perfect backdrop for this stunning photo session.  Nestled in the Blanchard Springs region, surrounded by caves, sparkling waters and enigmatic lands, poses a significance all its own.