Vendor Credits

Photography:  Art/Photography by Sydney Rasch
Creative Direction:  Meredith Events
Location:  Sandy Beach at Greers Ferry Lake
Models:  Hannah Trice with Sculp Agency
Dress: Love R.O.C.S.
Hair & Makeup:  Taj Salon by Jlynn Hood Cole
China:  Vintage Tablescapes

Jewelry:  Krystal Bijoux Jewelry Box
Flowers:  Deidra's Neighborhood Florist

Videography: Arkansas Wedding Cinematography by Jessie Swaffer

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The Story Behind the Mermaid Bride

Written by Meredith Corning

Some love stories do not always have a happy ending, but even in sorrow we often find beauty.  Legends of half-human, half-fish creatures go back thousands of years.  In British folklore they can be bringers of bad fortune, capable of causing storms and killing humans.

Some of the bad things that mermaids are accused of include telling sailors their ship is doomed and enchanting sailors and causing shipwrecks. Seeing a mermaid is a sure sign of a violent storm to come. In other stories, they deliberately drag people down in the water and squeeze the life out of drowning men. They also take men down to their underwater kingdoms.

Knowing these legends, our team organized a fairy tale-like stylized bridal photo shoot about a misunderstood mermaid and the love of her life who never came.

Serena was a mermaid who fell in love deeply with a ship captain she noticed one morning save a nearby swimming dolphin who had gotten trapped in some ocean debris.  The sight of this generous and heart-warming act of kindness overwhelmed Serena who inevitably sends the ship captain a series of letters professing her love, but never explaining she was actually a mermaid.  After gaining approval of the gods who agreed to marry them if her love agrees, she invites him to wed her at a certain time and place never knowing exactly how he would feel once he discovered who she really was.

When the day came, Serena washed upon the shore where she ironically finds a magical seashell, perhaps placed there by her fate.  She spoke to the seashell about her wish to become a human and lo' and behold she found herself transforming into who she wanted to be.  Naked and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her love, she wraps herself in a cloth lying nearby on some rocks...and she waits.  While she waits, she strolls the island where she comes across some abandoned treasures and decides to set a table where she can have dinner with her future husband.  She even discovers some beautiful dresses, and one in particular which would make the perfect wedding gown for her big day.  

She waits....

And she waits...

One will never know if her love never came because he spotted Serena before she shed her tail and feared his fate based on terrifying legends or if he never came for some other reason, but one fact is for sure...he never came for her.
Serena now roams the island, a human forever waiting for her love to come.