Meredith's Theory.

We have this crazy idea that wedding planning should be fun!  If a couple is not enjoying their wedding planning process, they need to hire a planner.

Meredith Events has perfected the simplicity of wedding planning.  There is a a method to the madness and creative chaos is not only is an art.  Couples can save loads of time, money and stress by simply finding the right planner to work with. 

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Meredith's Timeline

We have been customizing and adding things to our timelines for years.  The end result is a very detailed, highly organized, color-coded agenda for your day.  This timeline is distributed to all your vendors two weeks before your wedding.  Sure, it's about ten pages long...but I bet we don't miss one piece of the puzzle!



Twelve To Eighteen Months Before

• Choose date and time of wedding

• Choose church / wedding location

• Choose who will officiate ceremony

• Have groom arrange transportation

• Set a preliminary budget

• Reserve reception facilities

• Book photographer

• Book band or disc jockey

• Choose members of wedding party


Nine To Twelve Months Before

• Choose wedding theme

• Choose type of reception indoor or formal

• Start guest list

• Decide on color scheme

• Select wedding party

• Hire bridal consultant

• Choose caterer

• Choose musicians for ceremony

• Select dress, headpiece, shoes

• Select lingerie & accessories

• Reserve rental linen, flatware, etc

• Select a reliable florist

• Choose bridesmaids dresses, shoes

• Begin planning honeymoon

• Check hotel availability for guests


Six To Nine Months Before  


• Revise budget

• Plan menu & decorations

• Book suite for wedding night

• Order men’s attire

• Start wine for reception

• Order wedding cake

• Book videographer

• Decide if open or cash bar

• Make beauty appointments

• Have both mothers select dresses

• Announce engagement in newspaper

• Purchase wedding bands

• Attend gown fittings with shoes


Four To Six Months Before


• Passports / inoculations

• Plan ceremony & reception music

• Order invitations & printables

• Hire bartenders

• Make required deposits and sign contracts

• Order accessories for reception – pen, guest book, cake knife, garter etc

• Order wedding favours


Three Months Before  

• Select readers for ceremony

• Obtain liquor license for hall if required

• Purchase gifts for attendants / parents

• Finalize details for ceremony / church

• Call insurance broker – wedding insurance

• Check requirements for marriage license

• Make rehearsal dinner plans

• Address all invitations

• Finalize details with all professionals

• Hire soloists / organists

• Register at bridal registry


 Two Months Before

• Mail invitations 4-6 weeks before wedding

• Purchase gift for fiancé

• Create seating plan & name cards

• Get forms for address & name change

• Verify accommodations for guests

• Confirm honeymoon arrangements

• Have rings engraved if required

• Plan luncheon for bridesmaids


One Month Before

• Apply for marriage license

• Have final fitting for gown and dresses

• Complete all physical appointments

• Complete all dental appointments

• Hand out agenda sheets for the wedding day to photographer, dj’s, officiant, master of ceremonies &


• Check for all reception accessories

• Break in wedding shoes, wear socks

• Arrange for someone to take your dress to the cleaners after the reception

• Make arrangements to board any pets

• Have bridesmaids attend final fitting

• Arrange for a house sitter


Two Weeks Before

• Pick up gown & bridesmaids dresses

• Pick up flight tickets, travelers checks

• Call guests who have not replied

• Have trial hair styles & make up


One Week Before

• Count final acceptances, caterer will need

• Final count for the dinner – inform caterer if there are any dietary restrictions

• Pack for honeymoon

• Make up emergency kit to take with you (thread, pantyhose etc)

• Have groom have his hair cut

• Lots of sleep, don’t wear yourself out

• Have facials, skin treatments, waxing

• Give nail polish & lipstick to bridesmaids

• Confirm all details with professionals


The Day Before

• Rehearsal & rehearsal dinner

• Give gifts to attendants / parents

• Set up reception hall, if possible

• Get manicure / pedicure / massage

• Have groom & groomsmen pick up tuxedos


Whew, there's a lot to do.

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