Yes, You Need a Day-Of Coordinator

Arkansas Wedding Planner

Your DJ and your photographer should not be expected to coordinate the flow of your day, but too often I have heard stories from colleagues where this happens all the time. Your vendors have their own jobs to do, so putting vendors in a position where they are forced to coordinate your wedding, takes away from the job that they are supposed to be doing.

Even if you're an ultra-organized DIY couple, you still need someone on your wedding day to help bring your vision to life. A day-of coordinator will run the entire wedding day (and the rehearsal!) and make sure that all of your hard work and plans are executed smoothly so you can enjoy yourself and relax. 

I have also heard this one, “My venue has a coordinator.”

Typically, a venue coordinator is just that. Their concern is when to unlock and lock the doors, make sure you know where light switches are, check that bathrooms have toilet paper and paper towels…etc. A venue coordinator is not usually going to assist you with your timeline, make sure your wedding party is lined up then send them down the aisle, nudge the DJ to announce your cake cutting…etc. Some do, but more often than not, this is NOT the case. Do not assume just because someone on your team has the title of “event coordinator,” that they are going to do anything outside of their realm of service.

The biggest reason to hire a day-of wedding coordinator: having the peace of mind that all the details will come together as you envisioned.  Think about it: In addition to being the center of attention, you two are also the hosts of the celebration, unlike the days when parents took charge of wedding - day festivities. If a last-minute snafu crops up, having a coordinator on board allows you to be charming, gracious hosts, rather than frazzled, last-minute problem solvers. You'll be able to truly enjoy every moment of the day.

What does a day-of coordinator do?  

  • Assist with wedding-day timeline

  • Distribution of timeline to all vendors

  • Confirm vendor arrival/pick-up times

  • Coordinate of all wedding professionals

  • Conduct the wedding rehearsal the day before

  • Assist with set up and tear down

  • Design consults

  • Vendor recommendations

  • Coordinate all activities on the wedding day