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iii  ...........................  Theory of Planning

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she began writing editorials on these same subjects for online magazines and blogs. This is where she really got the feeling that she had a passion for creating beautiful and unique events that give her room to spread her creativity wings.  Through this comprehensive background, Meredith has taken on the wedding industry delving into designing the most elegant weddings for elite clients who know...taste matters.

"Every couple needs at least a day-of wedding coordinator.  Even if  couples want to handle the majority of the planning, designing and contracts themselves, I feel very strongly they will need some guidance and definitely need someone to take the reins on the wedding day so they can relax and enjoy their day. "

i. Introduction


Ainsley, Bride

"Meredith is literally amazing!!! She brought my vision to a reality and has been a huge help with ideas and being with me throughout this entire process. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this day without her!!!"

Whitney, Bride

​"We hired Meredith to be our day-of wedding coordinator for our Petit Jean wedding on October 22, 2016. That was definitely one of the smartest decisions we made while planning our Big Day. She and her assistant (a.k.a. her awesome husband, John) arrived Friday before noon to help with decorating. They left with just enough time to change clothes and grab an early dinner before returning for our rehearsal at 6:30. On Saturday, our wedding day, she took care of absolutely everything and allowed me to "just enjoy being the bride"!! Our wedding day was PERFECT and Meredith was a big part in making that happen. I'm extremely thankful for her sweet, calming, hard-working spirit!"

Danielle, Wedding Photographer (L A Y E R S)

​"Meredith is absolutely brilliant, meticulous and wildly inspiring. She is kind-hearted and a wonderful woman to know. She's always creating something that brings the community together plus she's a networking genius and a deeply fascinating conversationalist. I've been in the fashion and wedding industry for 12 years and she is by far, my best treasure find."

Wendy, Mother-of-the-Bride

"Meredith Corning is a true professional. I have worked with her several times and she is top notch. She even handled our fire at the wedding reception with true grace and poise, which made me laugh in light of the situation. She never sat down the entire day and I am sure handled many things that I am totally unaware of which is exactly what I wanted her to do. I will recommend her services to all my friends without hesitation. Thank you Meredith!"

You can check out more reviews on the Meredith Events Facebook, Wedding Wire and Google pages.

when parents took charge of wedding - day festivities. If a last-minute snafu crops up, having a coordinator on board allows you to be charming, gracious hosts, rather than frazzled, last-minute problem solvers. You'll be able to truly enjoy every moment of the day.

What does a day-of coordinator do?  A day-of coordinator will do the following:  Assist with wedding-day timeline and distribution to all vendors, coordinate of all wedding professionals, conduct the wedding rehearsal the day before, design consults, vendor recommendations, and coordinate all activities on the wedding day.


v. Love Letters

Wedding Planner  |  Destination Wedding Planner  |  Wedding Day Coordinator  | Day Of Wedding Coordinator  | Wedding Coordinator

"My obsession is assisting couples in finding their unique style and telling their story visually via their special day.  There is definitely a psychology to understanding what couples want their wedding to reflect when oftentimes they are not sure themselves.  This takes someone with a knowledge of people and a sincere interest in storytelling."

We’re pretty sure that Meredith started her life organizing tea parties for her neighborhood friends. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for creating events and parties that make a splash through design, beauty...and fun. As a result, she began taking classes on interior design, studio art, and business while working for major apparel and beauty companies along the way. When she graduated, 

iii. Theory of Planning

Meredith is a Certified Interior Designer and an art school graduate.  A wedding planner should have an eye for design because much of what a planner does is help clients translate what their design needs are to several wedding vendors.  That means that the message needs to be cohesive across all channels and a true planner knows how to speak the language.

In addition to being super organized, planners often become the designer and creative director of a wedding.

" "I love to create.  During the slow seasons, I spend my time creating visual art with my favorite group of creatives.  We dream up stories about love, loss and life.  Those stories are then translated into works of art full of metaphors and symbolism.  I blame my mother whom was an English Literature teacher - she constantly read me books and discussed poetry.  I was entranced at a young age by the whimsical nature of authors, poets and play writers."

ii. Day-Of 101

"Meredith Events is a United States-based wedding planner available as a day-of wedding coordinator, partial-planning wedding planner, full-planning wedding planner, and destination wedding planner.  I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Memphis Tennessee in 2016.  I love to travel back home to Arkansas where my parents still live.  I spend my time going back and forth between Little Rock and Memphis and feel very happy to still get Arkansas clients. Go Hogs!"


We have this crazy idea that wedding planning should be fun!  If a couple is not enjoying their wedding planning process, they need to hire a different planner.

Meredith Events has perfected the simplicity of wedding planning.  There is a a method to the madness and creative chaos is not only manageable...it is an art.  Couples can save loads of time, money and stress by simply finding the right planner to work with.  

"I have never lost sight of the fact that a wedding is about the love two people share and sharing that love with those in their lives.  I will do as much or as little as you wish when it comes to your planning and executing process.  Each wedding is a story, a work of art, a masterpiece...your masterpiece. "

iv. Interior Design

Linda, Mother-of-the-Bride

"If you need to not worry about anything on your special day you can trust that Meredith Corning will make sure everything runs smoothly and looks beautiful. I would recommend her to my best friend and would definitely use her again."

Jessica, Bride (Linda's daughter ☝)

"​I cannot even begin to describe what an amazing experience I had with Meredith Events. She was communicative and responsive through the entire process, and charged us an extremely reasonable rate. I had a very, very large list of things that needed to be done on the day of my wedding---arranging flowers, dealing with chairs, setting everything up for a 150+ person event---and Meredith went way above and beyond what we paid her to do. She even had her husband helping out with the setup. The way she decorated the venue was absolutely gorgeous. She made sure that everything ran smoothly during our reception and it was pretty much priceless to have someone to turn to with any questions or needs while it was going on. Our wedding went off without a hitch, and I had multiple people coming up to me to tell me that they thought it was the "perfect" wedding. Would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Meredith!!!!!!" 

Veronica, Bride

​Meredith Events did an outstanding job with our November Wedding! Meredith does a great job of setting the expectation of what her services provide, and she follows-through with each item on-time. Our package was the minimum, where Meredith takes over the vendors 2 weeks before the event, yet she never treated us like we weren’t worthy of her time. She kept me on my toes to meet deadlines (very important) without being bossy, handled the wedding rehearsal and everything the day-of, which allowed my groom and I time to be together and focus on each other, our families, and take in moments that are so easily missed.

The day was everything I dreamed it would be – and a large part of that is due to Meredith. I have no hesitations in highly recommending her services to anyone planning an event!

Even if you're an ultra-organized DIY couple, you may still need someone on your wedding day to help bring your vision to life. A day-of coordinator will run the entire wedding day (and the rehearsal!) and make sure that all of your hard work and plans are executed smoothly so you can enjoy yourself and relax. 

The biggest reason to hire a day-of coordinator: having the peace of mind that all the details will come together as you envisioned.  

​Think about it: In addition to being the center of attention, you two are also the hosts of the celebration, unlike the days